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Job Openings

The Lexington chapter of the AGO posts job listings as a service to local and regional churches and other institutions. Position listings do not necessarily imply endorsement by the Lexington chapter of the AGO, nor does the Lexington chapter of the AGO accept responsibility for the accuracy of the material provided for these listings. Jobs will be listed upon request, free of charge, for two months.

To list your job opening on this page contact the Placement Chair, Schuyler Robinson,

The Louisville AGO Chapter also has a list of Employment Opportunities in the Louisville area.

Director of Music Ministry (Full time position)

Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary, Lexington, KY


  1. Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary is seeking an energetic and talented professional to lead the music ministry of our multicultural faith community. The parish consists of over 2200 households with liturgies in English and Spanish.
  2. The Director of Music Ministry works directly with the pastor and is part of the leadership team of the parish.
  3. The Director of Music Ministry has the assistance of several volunteer accompanists and choir directors.
  4. An energetic and collaborative spirit, a strong background in Roman Catholic liturgy, and professional music skills and credentials are critical assets for success in this position.


  1. A practicing Catholic person who understands the importance of the Eucharist and communal worship in the life of the Catholic community and is familiar with Catholic traditions and teachings regarding liturgical music and worship.
  2. Professional education in music, with skills in piano, organ, choral direction and vocal performance.
  3. The ability to work with volunteers and persons of culturally diverse traditions, to communicate effectively with all age levels within the parish community and to organize musical and liturgical programs sensitive to parishioners' diverse spiritual needs.
  4. Bi-lingual skills in English and Spanish.


  1. Selection and direction of music for all major liturgical celebrations of the parish, including six weekend liturgies, school liturgies, sacramental celebrations, weddings, funerals, and other liturgical events.
  2. Direction, supervision and scheduling of parish choirs, cantors, and musicians: adult choir, youth choir, children's choir, Spanish choir, Congolese choir and multi-cultural choir. Additional tasks agreed upon.
  3. Work with the pastor and other liturgical ministers in planning the celebrations and seasons of the liturgical year.
  4. Collaborate with other members of the parish staff in planning and decision making relative to the life of the parish community.

Send resumes or address inquiries to: Fr. Dan Knoll
Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary
601 Hill N Dale Drive
Lexington, KY 40503

Posted 7/31/2017


First Christian Church, Morehead, KY


The Organist/Pianist shall:

  1. Work directly with and under the supervision of the Minister, in conjunction with the Music Director.
  2. Play for all regular and special services of the church.
  3. Accompany rehearsals and performances of the Sanctuary Choir.
  4. Accompany soloists/ensembles as needed, rehearsing with them prior to worship on Sunday morning or at other times as the schedule allows.
  5. Plan service music, in conjunction with the Music Director (Prelude, Communion, Offertory, Postlude).
  6. Play for weddings and funerals in the church sanctuary, as schedule permits, and receive an honorarium according to a set fee schedule.
  7. Be an ex-officio member of, work with, and report directly to the Worship Committee.


The Organist/Pianist shall have:

  1. Competency on both the organ and piano.
  2. Demonstrated competency in accompaniment in both rehearsal and performance settings.
  3. The ability to work well with people from all walks of life and with various musical skill levels.
  4. The personality, faith, and maturity to work with the choir and other musicians in caring Christian fellowship.
  5. The ability to be flexible and deal with changes that might occur in the needs or circumstances of the music program.


The Organist/Pianist shall:

  1. Be under annual contract with First Christian Church. Renewable annually at the start of the fiscal year, the contract may be terminated by either party with two weeks written notice.
  2. Participate in an annual evaluation and contract renewal process with the Minister and the Personnel Committee, with any changes in the contract to be formalized in writing.
  3. Attend and actively participate in all worship services at First Christian Church, with the following specifics:
    1. The Organist/Pianist is entitled to FOUR Sundays of PAID vacation per fiscal year.
    2. For necessary absences, beyond the four days of paid vacation, the Organist/Pianist will NOT be compensated.


The salary shall be $125 per week. An additional $25 for travel compensation per week shall be added to the base salary if the Organist/Pianist is commuting more than 30 miles from First Christian Church.

To apply, follow the instructions in the attached application form.

Posted 7/1/2017


Highland Christian Church, Frankfort, KY

Highland Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Frankfort has an immediate opening for a Sunday morning pianist to accompany our congregation during worship. Most music is from the denominational hymnal.

The time commitment is about 2 hours each Sunday and 1 hour of during the week (flexible) to confer with the minister concerning music for worship. Pay is $100 per week with additional compensation for extra activities.

Highland Christian Church welcomes all people into its worship and all believers to the Lord's table. The applicant need not be a member of the church or the denomination to be considered.

For information on the application process or to provide a resume contact:

Ben Mentzer, Personnel Committee Chair
Highland Christian Church
245 Versailles Rd. at Lyons Dr.
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (502) 875-3100

Posted 6/8/2017

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