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Substitutes Available

Need a vacation? Contact one of these talented Central Kentucky church musicians to cover for you while you're gone!

Ann Stanchina
859-803-6066 (C)
859-824-5280 (H)

Priscilla Hepburn
859-277-3363 (H)

Annette Mathy
859-494-0553 (C)
859-272-0682 (H)

Maureen Howell
704-651-0089 (C)
704-551-4188 (H)

John R. Young II, ChM

Ted Gentry
evenings, special occasions

Edwin Tait

William Webber, CAGO

Larry Brandenburg
859-353-2866 (C)

Mark DeAlba, SPC
(weddings and funerals)


What do the letters mean?

The American Guild of Organists provides a program for organists to develop and improve their skills, including a series of professional certifications. Upon meeting various written and performance examination requirements members are able to add letters after their name in music related professional listings. In short, representing in increasing order of professional accomplishment these certifications are:

  • Service Playing Certificate, SPC
  • Colleague, CAGO
  • Associateship, AAGO
  • Fellowship, FAGO

The Guild also offers a certificate for Choir Masters, ChM. DMA is a Doctor of Musical Arts degree offered by an academic institution.

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